Milky Elephant Calendars from 2000-2004

Images from 2004 Calendar. This year’s theme was the Strawbelephants. Inspirations include The Lord of the Rings, teacups in paris and old maps. The renderings are dainty so that in an ideal world, the images could appear on the side of teacups with the dates printed on the saucer. The map would be on the tray that the teacups are laid out in. I ended up printing it as a mini book with a bonus comic in the middle. Click on the image above to view more samples.
Images from 2003 Calendar. This year was the return to simplicity. Elephants hanging with friends.
Images from 2002 Calendar. This year was partially influenced by old fashioned tattoos and fantasy renderings of fairy tale images.
Images from 2001 Calendar. This one was bound by a small colored rubber band you could wear around your wrist like a funky bracelet.
Images from 2000 calendar. My first calendar. The Milky Elephant text is hand embroidered, mostly by my mom. I liked the faux real look that year and made a miniature quilt with handstitching and cloth texture. The elephants were from my Daily Drawings.
Illustrator, Art Director, Designer: Eun-Ha Paek