Queen of the May

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Music video for Veda Hille. The song is about mean girls. The animation is about trying to fit in.

The title brought to mind maypole dances and pretty bondage visuals with the ribbons. It was inspired by fairytales of girls lost in the woods, in the way they mix things creepy and sweet and how the girls are trapped, bound in some way to be what is expected of them.

Director, Artist, Animator: Eun-Ha Paek
Musician: Veda Hille
Producer: Ape House Records

Krok International Film Festival 2007 – Ukraine
Red Bank Film Festival 2007 – Red Bank, NJ
AnimaBasauri 2007- Karratu 3, Bilbao, Spain
Red Shift Film Festival 2006 – New York, NY
South by Southwest Film Festival 2006 – Austin, Texas