Strindberg and helium

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Online animated series about August Strindberg and his joyful sidekick, Helium.

Director, Animator, Illustrator: Eun-Ha Paek
Writer: Erin Bradley
Voiceovers: Erin Bradley, James Bewley
Episodes can be viewed at

Episode 5: Produced by Milky Elephant and Erin Bradley+ James Bewley
Sound design by Heather Perkins/Waterdog Studio
Sound engineering by Paul Hollman and Suzanne Goldish

Episodes 1-4: Produced by Milky Elephant and Killing my Lobster
Sound effects and engineering by Craig Helmholz

Screenings(partial list):
Episode 5
YouTube Play Guggenheim Biennial of Creative Video, Guggenheim Museum, New York, Bilbao, Berlin, and Venice. 2010
Episode 1-4
Sundance Online Film Festival 2003
Comedy Central’s “Jump Cuts” 2004
Williamstown Film Festival 2004
Florida Film Festival 2007

New York Times “Reverberations”, May 28, 2004
Entertainment Weekly “The Must List”, Oct 10, 2003
USA Today Online, Oct 22, 2003