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I’ve built a cross-dimensional portal, between this world, and one that exists in my mind. A dog I tried to extract, in it’s travels back and forth from reality to imagination, multiplied. And in crossing the mind/body barrier, variations caused by fluctuations in time, space, materials, knowledge and emotions occurred. One creature did not make it in time for my exhibition, but I’ve installed the portal in the gallery so you can see him looking through from the other side.

Come visit these displaced creatures, that belong and don’t belong, at Jane Hartsook Gallery.

Press release

Oct 9th – Nov 6th, 2015

Jane Hartsook Gallery
Greenwich House Pottery
16 Jones Street
New York, NY 10014

New sculpture website

I made a new website to show my sculptures. Check it out!

Little Sculptures

Here are some better photos of some sculptures I made for the Captain Canoodle show in Mexico City.

Drumstick dunked

Dog So Sad

Dog and Shadow

Cat Sailor

Sailor Drumstick




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